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Jardin de Carthage

It is on the southern bank of the Mediterranean, in Tunisia,that SUN ANTIPASTI company, a Tunisian-French alliance, has set up:

Being a fertile and sunny land, the country abounds in vegetables having the most refined flavor. Tunisia is also one of the largest producer of extra virgin olive oil having a renowned fruit across the borders.

The company was born within this context. It has been established in the middle of the vegetables fields in the area of Mornag, bordering the production unit allowing a control over all the stages of production.

SUN ANTIPASTI has a full line of goods under the trademark Jardin de Carthage containing vegetables inspired by the typically Tunisian recipe such as Mechouia salad (roasted sweet peppers marinated in olive oil), Harissa (hot red peppers dried in the sun which are grinded and mixed with local spices) or tomatoes dried in the sun marinated in olive oil, the caviar of dried tomatoes...


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Sweet papper salad roasted in a trditopnal way


The Mechouia salad is generally served cold in entrées or mixed with tuna, olives and eggs for aperitifs. It can also be served slightly heated to go with lamb meat or roasted fish. You may have it sweet if you wish, but for lovers of highly-seasoned dishes, we recommend the hot salad.

Grinded dried tomatoes


The Harissa is advised for all highly-seasoned dishes: soup, sauce, couscous, and barbecue.

It is also used as aperitif by adding olive oil to be spread on a piece of bread.